Eveningwear EDDIE BADDEO
Photography EDGAR MEDINA
Jewellery MILA IMSON
Hair & Make-up ERIC MANINGAT

Ah, photoshoots.  I haven't had these in a very, very long time.  Truth be told I actually did miss it - having your hair made, your face caked, your feet ached, Ah, photoshoots.  I wouldn't have done it again if it weren't for my dear mum and her shoot for the coffee table book (Did somebody say, Coooffffeeeeee? *insert sassy emoji with her hand raised Beyonce-style* here) for the upcoming Best Dressed Women of the Philippines Ball 2016.  The photoshoot was held in B Hotel, and indeed we buzzed in there like a bee as I was able to put on 3 outfits in total.  Note: Each outfit only took me less than 5 minutes.  Among the 3, this look was simply over-the-taupe for me. (rhyme time!) *badumtss* I felt like I was in a whole new world  (get it...because...